Tag: Kameez With Churidar

Jalaja really dress so nice what is the price of this dress
sally pls how much?
arun123 Nice Looking in that Churidar dress... Please send me some nice and cute churidar dresses please......
preethi where to get these materials?
rashee I would like to know the cost of this suit.nd in which shop i can get it..
menaka I want to buy this chudhidhar
admin onto Churidar Suits
shyla contact addr please
admin onto Churidar Suits
Bangaru Hi Nice dress where we can get this type dress in bangalore
pooja this is also good where am buy
manjula raj very beautiful sent me the price & how to buy it
indhra i like this......!!!!!!!!!!!
anuja nice & fantastic designs..
alnisa very pinky?????????????????? lol
admin onto Churidar Suits
sally how much and how can i get this