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bela How much is this churiddar and where can i order it from?
divya how can i egt this material? and what is its cost? please let me know as soon as possible
narmadha nice collection........
san whats the price and how do i order??
Alia i would like to know where your shop is in Hubli..i liked ur designs..and price of dis chudidhar..
Thazim i am starting my new cosigner shop and i hope this site will help me a lot for get my business to go ahead.
Anu Mathew I would like to buy this suit. from which website can i but this
megha Wow wonderful collections of chuidar.I love this simple chudidhar.
Deepika Which rate to this chudithar?
preeti i liked many so would like to know if u have any boutique in mumbai to shop
admin onto Churidar Suits
rita wow i loved it.....
manju how can i buy this
asha Nice design, can i know the cost of churidhar? which shop in available in kerala?
pooja this is also good where am buy
admin onto Churidar Suits
sony price pls
umasundar yes really very nice to see this color and pattern making
Rekha Hi, Nice Dress.. Tell me the price of dress. and How to get it
swarna hi may i know the details of the shop and price?