shirley st.germaine please give me the price of the black and white on page 23
riya i wan buy dress please send me moer colour and prize.
admin onto Churidar Suits
shyla contact addr please
Sanket i'ts too tight churidar.......
sam OMG again i love it.could you tell me where i could purchase this from please?? xxx
Deepika Which rate to this chudithar?
Soumela How much does it cost?
meenu how much does this cost?what is the buyin process?
Sharan What's the price of this suit and do u guys have a contact number or something?
chandralekha the colour combination and design are very beautifull and attractive
g.prasanthi i went to closednet chudiders chepprice
Aniisah Johorodeen I want to buy a churidar suit till 1000 rupees and I need that by 12th of May 2013
admin onto Churidar Suits
vidhya very nice dress
meenu how much does this cost?
admin onto Churidar Suits
musha I need sample for black chudithar and price.
vidya seshadri I am interested in buying. How to proceed
Sanket nice churidar it will look nice in party wares can i get full churidar designes.